Getting The Most Out of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ comp lawyers charge a fee for their legal services but only when you win a case. The reason is that workers comp law is an area of high specialization. However, you can still afford to hire an attorney to represent you in a court of law and protect your rights. Below are top tips to consider when looking for a workers comp attorney.

Get Free Consultation

A good attorney should provide a free initial consultation. Avoid any lawyer who asks for a charge no matter how small it is. A good attorney should only charge when only you win benefits. 

Consider In-Person Consultation 

It’s common for some attorneys to conduct the first consultation through the phone. This does not necessarily indicate red flags. However, there is an added advantage to go for an in-personal consultation. It gives you a good chance to know some details that are crucial in the decision-making process. First, consider the amount of time the lawyer is willing to dedicate on you. A good amount of time is a good sign of the high level of services to expect.  A less amount could mean the opposite.


A good attorney should only focus on workers comp as an area of practice. Anything less could mean the attorney is not experienced with workers compensation. Specialization does not necessarily mean 100% devotion. There are actually good lawyers who specialize in other fields. The point is that a good attorney must practice about 60% of workers comp law.

Ask what the attorney does when a case is denied.

However much you are devoted to get a settlement, prepare for the opposite also. An insurer can deny a claim especially when paraded as a growing trauma. A denied case means no compensation to cover medical and disability expenses. The Lee Legal Group attorneys always have plan B in case your case is denied. They will ensure you receive medical benefits. 

Will the worker comp attorney represent you?

It’s a common practice for a reputable lawyer to use contract reps to cover their schedules. There is no evidence suggesting contract attorneys won’t deliver positive results. In fact, there are many proficient contract attorneys out there. However, you deserve to know the particular lawyer going to represent you before the case begins. 

The Lee Legal Group is highly specialized in workers comp and dedicated to offering quality services to our clients. Your interests are our interests too. Look no further for all your employment law needs.